Swedish Support to Russia's LGBT People

I think I don't say it too often. I'm good at criticizing my country when we do wrong. But here's one reason for why I am always proud to be Swedish.

If you've followed the news from Russia lately you know about the new law, that it's forbidden to "spread homosexual propaganda" meaning even wearing rainbow colors put you at risk. Holding the one you love openly also put's you at risk. You can't teach in school's about other than "traditional relationships"and LGBT people are forced to live in the closet.  Young boys are kidnapped and subjected to brutal assaults (torture) while they are being filmed. The videos are posted on YouTube where the perpetrators laugh at their victims while not hiding their own identities. Despite the evidence, the police don't act and the government couldn't care less.

So I just saw this video on YouTube (and yes, call me cheesy if you want, but this initiative really did make me cry). 2,000 people of the city of Stockholm gathered at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium to show their support to the LGBT people of Russia. Check this out! It will definitely make you smile (or cry).

A big thank you to you who are behind the project Live And Let Love! Thank you for making me proud to be Swedish.